I am a self-taught level designer with a love for immersive single-player and co-op games.

During my early childhood, Lego induced my craving to create and play in new worlds, not much later I dicovered PC games. When Half-Life 2 released in 2004, it came with the Source SDK and opened a whole new land of opportunities to me. Ever since I have been hammering away at creating new levels.


Once more you're putting on the HEV suit as Gordon Freeman, your mission is to recover a newly developed technology by the resistance, known as the 'citadelbuster', before the Combine manage to destroy it.

Download | DownFall is an ongoing personal project, a singleplayer FPS mod for Half-life 2: episode 2, which is available for free on Steam. My goal was to create a short, high quality, playable portfolio piece. The community response has been overwhelmingly positive, with a 96% rating on Steam and reaching over 100.000 players and counting. My responsibilities on the project range from project lead, sole level designer, 3d artist, writing, directing VO talent, PR and publishing, for the upcoming chapters I am collaborating with 3 programmers to implement new features into the Source engine.

Greenlit on Steam | data | Mapcore interview: Making DownFall


Download | My winning entry for the Interlopers.net 'The Forgotten Journey' leveldesign contest, made over the course of 2 months. The level takes place in a large open area with multiple layered loops stacked on top of eachother, the player first crosses through the canals, up to the ground level and finally crosses the over bridge where he'll face off with an apc, only to be pushed back down into the bowels of the level after a strider comes in to spoil your victory party. Each layer of the level introduces different gameplay and allows the player to look back into areas he passed through or areas he will passthrough later on. This level features an entirely custom scripted new weapon, a functional mounted Combine sniper rifle.

Interlopers.net mapbattle 49

A mapbattle centered around a pre-made template bridge, this scene was made using Left4Dead2 assets over the course of 4 days.

A hero once more

My winning entry for the RTSL.com 'LiberationVille' leveldesign competition, made over the course of ? days.

A hero once more: part 2

My entry for the RTSL.com 'FusionVille' leveldesign competition, made over the course of 26 days. This level contains 2 new mechanics scripted from scratch, stealth and a player controllable mortar.


Download | My entry for the RTSL.com 'Run Think Shoot Live' leveldesign competition, which ended up on a shared first place, made over the course of 5 weeks. Terminal was made around the theme 'Run - Think - Shoot - Live'. Due to time constraints I had to cut back on my original vision, so the level ended up becoming a huge loop that the player runs through twice, once without weapons while evading your pursuers, after which the player can sneak through a laser grid puzzle into an armory to bring the fight to the Combine (second loop) and escape on a train, riding off into the sunset.

Raining Down Hell

Download | My winning entry for the RTSL.com 'City Streets Ville' leveldesign competition, made over the course of 17 days. The level starts as a linear route, taking the player through the entire level, upto the rooftops to destroy a mortar, after which the Combine powershields, which previously blocked the player, are disabled and open up a lot of interconnected routes, turning the entire level into a big open combat arena.

Human Error Co-op

After joining Human Error as a playtester, which turned out to be a lot of fun, I joined the team to work on Human Error Co-op as a level designer and game designer. The mod teams up 4 players to defend an objective against hordes of AI npc's, but there's a twist, one of the four players is randomly picked at the start of the round as an undercover agent and has to sabotage the other 3 players. The traitor relies a lot of Voip communication to trick the other player and can either use subtle sabotage attempts to assist the AI npc's or get rid of his cover and engage in open combat alongside the AI npc's.

Research & development

Contributed to one of the most critically acclaimed Half-Life 2 mods by playtesting, providing ideas and technical support. If you ever run into an evil exploding gnome, you can pin that on me ...